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Heal Decades in 3 Days To Quantum Leap Into Your Dreams!

When it comes to spiritual healing, we are able to trascend time because if time is an illusion, we can bring up the energy of the past to heal it and transform it, which can result in massive shifts in your life. In order to quantum leap into our dreams, we must face the parts of ourselves that believe we aren't worthy, enough, or loved to reach these goals. 

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Ready for a full soul immersion of radical healing and transformation in just 3 days? 

This is a 3-day full immersion healing & transformation event 🪄 this weekend will help you take your power back, open your heart, & ripple deep lineage healing. Over the three days, you will go on a journey of self-exploration, transformation, & soul awakening!

Each day will encompass lessons to break you free from the illusion of the mind & integrative concepts that will skyrocket every area of your life. I will guide you through various healing modalities to support your breakthroughs.

Some of those include:
✨ breathwork
✨ meditation
✨ energy work
✨ 4 table sessions
✨ cacao ceremonies
✨ ecstatic dance
✨ morning yoga
✨ and so much more!

We will explore what’s holding you back or limiting you from experiencing the joyous life you deserve. I will guide you to connect to unprocessed energy lingering in the body to elevate your soul.

Things to expect from this weekend
🪄 abundance
🪄 breakthroughs
🪄 more peace & connection
🪄 joy
🪄 & so much more!

After this event, the healing and processing continues. I have options for you to get support and guidance after the event ends. You will have step-by-step processes & tools to support you daily in your spiritual growth.

When you leave this Soul Awakening retreat, I can guarantee you will not be the same…

You won’t see your traumas the same.
You will feel your heart more deeply.
You may see through the lens of love more.
You may even love yourself and others even more.

This is a profoundly sacred weekend & is only for those serious about their spiritual growth. If you want to live a more soulful life, heal your past, & BE who you are meant to be, this is for you!

This is not for those who can’t invest in themselves or who want to dabble. This is a total immersion experience, and it will awaken your soul in a way you’ve never experienced before!

If you want to open your heart, free yourself from the past, & get in alignment with your soul, join me for a great Soul Awakening 3 days, October 14-16, in Jupiter, Florida!

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