Hi! I’m Kelsey Grace


I am a Light Sparker and it is my mission in life to ignite the light in as many people as possible! I am also a Magical Unicorn, Spiritual Badass, Spiritual Gangster, World Shifter, and Wisdom Seeker just to name a few...

My Story 

It all started when I went to my first Tony Robbins UPW in March 2018. That is when I woke up and went from unconscious to conscious. I was a floater, one who was going down the path of fate. I didn't have any goals or aspirations; I had no idea who I was. I finally woke up to create Kelsey Grace Hall.

During his event I had a spiritual awakening moment that I didn't understand, I just knew I had broken through a new layer.  I learned I am the creator of my life, my thoughts design my reality, and I could be whoever I wanted to be.

This was overwhelming so I hired a coach who helped me with my mindset and be the creator of my life versus the manager of my circumstances. 

I embodied what Tony Robbin's says,

 "Life is happening for you, not to you"

This statement alone transformed my life. Having that mindset helped me move through the most painful yet liberating experiences of my life. 

Prior to Tony Robbins, I was suffering from an emotionally abusive relationship that took me a year to get out of. I was filled with so much anger, self-hate, sadness, and resentment.

After spending thousands of dollars on personal development events, to rebuild myself from that dark place, I became a master of light. Because of that I became a Life Coach and started I Am Soulful Warrior Coaching in December of 2019. 

I continued investing in myself to grow, expand, and become even more masterful at this thing called life. I thank God, the Universe every single day for the personal development I did because it gave me the strength, the tools, the mindset, and the heart to handle to most debilitating pain I have ever endured.  

Last year, September 2020, I was sexually assaulted. I have never experienced such pain like this ever in my life. I am so blessed I was working with the most beautiful Love Coach during that time that helped me and encouraged me to go to the doctors that led me to the hospital as a Sexual Assault Victim. When I was in the hospital, scared shitless, I learned that most women rarely ever report such a thing. Even though I was terrified, the Universe gifted me with so many signs that I was doing the right thing and I was held throughout this entire process. 

Right before I checked in at the hospital, I was questioning whether I should be here. Praying, crying, asking for strength. Then the woman who brought me in grabbed a chair and it had the number 11 on it. I follow numerology and 11 is my number...my birthday is 11/11 and every day I see 11:11. I immediately smiled with tears feeling God’s Grace hold me as I embarked on this healing journey. 

There were many more signs through this...

Right before I was about to get examined, I noticed butterflies on the wall. Another sign. I always see butterflies during a major transformational event. It was at that moment I said that I am going to help people heal.

I dove right into my healing. I found a Self Love Retreat in Sedona where I worked with various Healers, Shamans, Coaches, and I was able to condense decades of healing within 5 days. I knew in my heart the traditional path of healing wasn't for me. I was being called for something more spiritual. 

During this time of pain, I found my light again. It was when I was experiencing tremendous pain, the only place I could go for unconditional love was within. I closed my eyes and just sat there with the pain and the Universe flooded me with Unconditional Love. 

I started to get visions of a Phoenix going through its transformational process. Dying, burning, and rebirthing. I was that phoenix. That's when my program, Rise of the Phoenix Coaching Program was birthed. 

After Sedona, I decided to stop drinking and that was yet another terrifying experience, but I knew in my gut I needed to do this. It was the best thing I have done for myself and my life has accelerated so beautifully and I have been gifted with the most amazing experiences since! 

In March 2021, I was gifted with an Earth Angel, Jolynn Swafford, who became not only my friend & coach, but became my Spiritual Mentor which I needed dearly. She showed me that I was limiting myself by only referring to myself as a survivor and that I was doing the same for other women survivors. 

At that moment I changed my identity, my story, and I became Light Sparker. I opened my business to anyone looking for Spiritual Healing. I had been sick most of the year and once I made this shift, the next day I was gifted with abundance. I got my first high-paying client, a speaking gig, my sickness went away, and stores gave me free items! It was incredible!

The Universe was trying to show me through sickness that I needed to make a change and because I did, I was gifted with abundance! 

Since then, my business has started to thrive. I started working with the best healers in the world, Carolyn Rim-Ozuna & Jason Ozuna. They have helped me heal myself and become an even better healer for those I coach and love. 

I now honor and embody my gifts as a Healer, a Light, and a Spiritual BADASS! I am coaching women, helping them heal from their wounds and within 1 session they immediately feel the difference. 

Through the pains and traumas I have endured, I am able to heal women (and men if they want to work with me) so that they can radiate in their authentic light. When we live in our light, we help others spark their light. It creates a ripple effect of light spreading throughout the entire world.

It is my mission to IGNITE THE WORLD! Be the light the world needs. 

When you heal, you heal the world. Together we can be World Shifters <3

Sending you so much love! 



Kelsey Grace 


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