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Kelsey Grace Hall here and welcome! I am a Quantum Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, Thought Leader, and Light Sparker. I help powerful souls take massive leaps and bounds in every area of their life to create the life of their dreams! By removing and processing emotions and bound energy, you become aligned with your soul and Source. With me, I guide you to set your soul FREE! It is my mission and purpose in life to IGNITE the LIGHT in as many people as possible. Please schedule your free discovery call using the link below!

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‚ÄúTo shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.‚Ä̬†

Roy T. Bennet 


Your authentic light is your superpower. Sometimes we get knocked down, our flame gets blown out and we need help relighting it again. I am here to help you reignite your light so that you radiate in your confidence, love, and worthiness.


Master Your Emotions

Embody confidence & belief in yourself to handle any obstacle life throws.



Break Free From Your Past 


Heal wounds of your past to create a new empowered self.



Become Spiritually Fit

Align with your soul to live life to your fullest potential.


Heal We Grow!

I'm Kelsey Grace, also known as Light Sparker. I am a highly trained and intuitive Spiritual Light Coach, Healer, Speaker, & Badass. I help people truly feel their emotions to heal from their past, deepen their connection to themselves & source, and experience life with love, joy, & light. As a result, my clients heal with Grace, open their hearts, and love themselves deeper and more fully. Working with me, my clients gain spiritual empowerment and confidence to overcome any obstacle with Faith & Trust. Hiring me as your Soul Guide will elevate you in all areas of life, up-leveling you to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.  

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“Emotions are gifts from the Universe as a full expression of life's experiences.” 

Kelsey Grace Hall 


If we bury our emotions, we are bury gifts from God. Essentially denying our emotions is denying God. When you heal, your ability to feel expands & to feel is to live. Yes, you can feel the low, painful emotions more too but it’s about letting them flow through you & LOVING those parts of you unconditionally.

One of my gifts is giving people a safe space to express their feelings to me. I will randomly meet someone and they will freely share their pains with me and tell me they never talk about this, but felt safe sharing with me. It brings tears to my eyes to be able to hold that for others...

Do you crave a safe space to feel?

Do you feel emotionally out of control or feel like you don’t feel much of anything?

Are you feeling your wounds from the past are surfacing & you aren’t sure how to navigate?

Do you just want to live life to its fullest capacity to love more, feel more, & express more?

I hold a very sacred space for authentic expression for healing.

If you want to safely feel and learn how to process your emotions with Grace & Love, book your free coaching call with the link below!

Feel to heal. Heal to feel. And you will discover a reservoir of magical expressions you’ve never known you had! Bliss, joy, happiness, love...but at the next level!

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What is it like having me as your Soul Guide, Healer & Coach?



I am all about empowering you to what is already within you. You have this incredible light within you and I am going to guide you to it. We will clear, cleanse, and coexist in unison with your soul.

I use a variety of techniques in our sessions that will give you multiple perspectives and tools in your healing & empowerment journey. Below are three ways I guide you to where you want to go:


Visualization & Meditation




Visualization meditations are wildly powerful and I will guide you to what is already within you. 



Spiritual Life Coaching




You will be soul stretched with the uttermost support and guidance to release.



Energetic Alignment




Re-energize your entire being by getting you in complete alignment in mind, body, & soul.


"I am amazed at the depth of work & practices that build this program into a phoenix work of art. Each session is packed with soul work that challenges me...I'm experiencing huge shifts in my soul, loving each part of who I am and forming an authentic sense of self that is strong, resilient, and capable of achieving all my goals & dreams."

Cheyenne Lopez

Denise Hejna

"Kelsey helped me realize I was playing too small and inspired me to take action. She approaches everything with so much compassion and love. She has a way of holding you high so that you get excited about the changes coming."

Gabriella M.

"I have been doing this work for 7 years and after one session with you, I feel I have gone to the next level."

Karla Urrutia

"Working with Kelsey is so much fun. She makes you feel comfortable & safe & really helped me tap deep into my mind."

Jes Casey

"Kelsey provided new techniques tailored to my goals that I could use daily. Kelsey is a motivating energy that ignites the light in us all."

Shawna Smith

"I wasn't sure if Kelsey could help me, but I took a leap of faith and she cracked me open. I am opening my heart and learning to love myself on a much deeper level than ever before."

Stacey Near

"I have never worked with a coach who supported me the way Kelsey has. She stuck with me even in my darkest days helping me find the light, overcoming loss, scarcity, fear, and so much more!"

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